Medical Devices

Easy to use, paperless ...

and time saving.

Traineasy’s medical devices module enables Trusts to manage approvals for the use of medical devices.
    Could it be time to say goodbye forever to using spreadsheets?


A powerful enrolment tool ensures every employee is linked to the correct set of devices for them. Approval renewal cycles are set according to role and location.

E-Mail Reminders

Employees, managers and assessors are notified by email when approvals are expiring. 


Assessors can pull up lists of employees by location, by device or by approvals due. Approvals are confirmed online and the next approval date set automatically according to the rules in the system.

Organisational Reporting

Dashboard reporting shows approvals with Medical Devices for the organisation as a whole, by division department, location, etc. 'Hot spots' of low compliance with approvals are thereby easy to identify.

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