Training Compliance

Real-time, real world

training compliance at a glance.

Can it be true?

Customers of Traineasy LMS celebrate extraordinarily high overall training compliance levels.

They can track training compliance as it improves through the business. Pockets of resistance are easy to identify and address.

Traineasy LMS costs less than an average annual salary - can you afford not to take a closer look?


Need flexibility? 

Traineasy LMS supports multiple training types. Whether you use e-learning, classroom training, or want to upload records from elsewhere, Traineasy LMS handles them all.

Do you want to give employees a period of grace before their training needs to be completed? Easy.

Do some groups need to take training more often than others. Not a problem. 

Do you want a system that can handle statutory, mandatory, clinical, IT and soft skills training? You're on the right website!

For more information and to discuss how Traineasy LMS could take your Trust's training compliance to new heights,  call 01908 508777 or email us now on!


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